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Why Val-U-Therm?

Val-U-Therm brings a range of significant environmental, performance and business benefits.

It speeds build times, enhances quality and value and allows new builds to achieve the highest environmental specifications in a cost-effective way. It also delivers exceptional cost saving and lifestyle benefits to the end user.

These benefits come from the raw materials and construction process Val-U-Therm employs and from the high thermal performance of the finished product.

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Performance and Value

Val-U-Therm is a high-performance, thermally efficient building solution. It allows developers to build using thinner walls and so extract maximum value from a development site. It combines class-leading performance in a cost-effective package and will deliver a wide range of long-term performance benefits (and marketing strengths) to any project.
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Building Regulations

Val-U-Therm provides a straightforward and proven way to achieve compliance with all relevant building regulations and, if required, exceed the anticipated future standards (in line with published government strategies).

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British Board of Agrément Certification

The Val-U-Therm® Building System has been awarded a British Board of Agrément Certificate number 12/4892.
The Val-U-Therm PLUS® Building System has been awarded a British Board of Agrément Certificate number 17/5421.

This covers Val-U-Therm wall, floor and roof panels, for use above the damp-proof course in constructions up to four storeys high (including room-in-roof) as the loadbearing inner leaf of an external wall, a loadbearing internal wall, single or double leaves of a separating wall, floor panels or pitched/flat roofing panels.

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Environment and Sustainability

Val-U-Therm delivers exceptional environmental performance – both as a product in its own right and in terms of the way in which it enhances the environmental credentials of any building it is part of.

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Ease of Construction

Because Val-U-Therm embodies the advantages of timber frame technology it can reduce construction and refurbishment times dramatically. What’s more, because it is factory-manufactured to the highest standard it also improves build quality and reduces problems caused by on-site issues such as inclement weather and drying out.

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End User Benefits

Val-U-Therm delivers warm, draught-proof homes with a high comfort factor. It is a ‘fit and forget’ high-quality system that delivers significant reductions in heating costs and maintenance and also allows real flexibility when it comes to a home’s initial layout and future improvements.

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