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What Is Val-U-Therm?

Val-U-Therm is a closed-panel building system that builds on the best aspects of timber frame and structural insulated panel (SIPS) technology. It delivers exceptional thermal performance and class-leading environmental and sustainability credentials.

Val-U-Therm PLUS is the latest Val-U-Therm product and offers improved thermal performance whilst retaining all the excellent environmental and sustainability credentials. It is covered by UK Patent GB2542110 - Improved timber frame insulating elements.

Val-U-Therm® is offered by Walker Timber Group

and Flight Timber Structures

Val-U-Therm PLUS® is offered by Scotframe Timber Engineering

Val-U-Therm is used as a generic term covering both products throughout this website.


Val-U-Therm is produced in three main configurations: wall, floor and roof panels. The panels are constructed of a precisely engineered sandwich of sheathing boards, performance membranes and factory-injected very high performance insulation (which is derived from renewable vegetable oil).

Val-U-Therm offers a cost-effective way to deliver a load-bearing structural envelope with thermal insulation U-values in the range 0.08 W/m2K  to 0.23 W/m2K. Val-U-Therm panels can also be used as high-performance in-fill panels in any other building system and can be incorporated in a wide range of refurbishment projects - including those involving buildings with listed facades.

Wall Panels
Val-U-Therm external wall panels provide a structurally robust, easy-erect, high-value load-bearing solution. A wide range of panel sizes are available and windows, external doors and other elements can be factory fitted. The walls can be adapted to any architectural style (even curved walls) and used with any external treatment or internal finish.

Val-U-Therm Building System U-values download    
Floor Panels
Val-U-Therm floor panels are a 21st century version of the traditional, timber suspended ground floor. They allow long floor spans and provide a highly-insulated solution that is cost-competitive when compared with low U-value masonry systems.
Val-U-Therm Floors download

Roof Panels
Val-U-Therm roof panels provide a very high-performance solution for both flat and pitched roofs. They can achieve long un-supported spans and the conventional vaulted ridge-to-eaves configuration. They are ideal for room-in-the-roof designs where the goal is to maximise floor space and create higher-than-standard ceiling heights.
Val-U-Therm Roof Panels download
To find out more about Val-U-Therm’s performance specifications, how it is manufactured and how it can be used, see the sections below



Val-U-Therm’s exceptional thermal performance, air-tightness, ease of construction, environmental and sustainability credentials make it the system of choice for many Housing Associations, house builders, architects and self-builders.
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Val-U-Therm’s class-leading specifications mean that it provides a straightforward route to meet the highest environmental standards and ‘future proof’ a building against upcoming regulations. 
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Val-U-Therm is manufactured in modern factories using state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment. During this process, insulation is injected directly into the panels; this delivers maximum performance and allows the close management of quality, costs and wastage. 
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