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Val-U-Therm takes Centre Stage at Birmingham Fabric First Event


Val-U-Therm is taking a high-profile role in the upcoming Fabric First event to be held at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on the 27th February. Following five successful Fabric First events in Scotland, the company is exhibiting at the Birmingham event and providing one of the keynote speakers: Managing Director Bryan Woodley.

“The Birmingham Fabric First Event is a must for developers, architects, contractors, RSLs and house-builders looking to deliver thermally efficient airtight structures,” says Bryan. “For us, it is a great chance to highlight the exceptional performance of our closed-panel building system.”
Bryan will be talking about the challenges of delivering low energy and PassivHaus projects. He will also highlight the successful use of Val-U-Therm and the Fabric First approach for volume construction projects with private developers. Another focus of his talk will be on mainstreaming innovative solutions and overcoming the hurdles and barriers presented by traditional delivery mechanisms. He will also discuss the success of selling a premium product like Val-U-Therm in these times of austerity.
Bryan will draw on his experiences from a wide range of projects using Val-U-Therm, involving hundreds of homes, to demonstrate the space heating cost savings that can be delivered using the Val-U-Therm Fabric First solution. He will highlight the fact that, with on-going energy price inflation, this approach is becoming imperative to help Housing Associations fight fuel poverty.
The Fabric First events are organised by Radar Communications Ltd. According to the organisers, the Birmingham meeting will bring together distinguished speakers from a broad spectrum of the industry to present the benefits of adopting ‘fabric first’ methodologies in modern energy efficient residential construction projects. The conference programme will also be supported by an exhibition of technology providers and networking sessions.
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