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The Midlands Construction Summit


The Midlands Construction Summit will bring together the Midlands construction industry and its supply chain to lead the way in harnessing the industry & government's Joint Industrial Strategy for a leading world class UK construction sector - Construction 2025.

Val-U-Therm will be exhibiting with its manufacturers Walker Timber, Scotframe and Flight Homes.

The Summit will have a particular focus on the Strategic Priorities aspect of the Strategy, detailed in Chapter 2.  This element of the Strategy states that; ‘for construction to be at the heart of our future low carbon, resource efficient, modern and globally competitive economy we need to address three strategic priorities which underpin sustained growth across the economy and an improved quality of life for citizens’.

The Strategy also acknowledges that success within these areas depends on having a skilled, motivated and diverse workforce.  The Summit will address these issues head-on and we will try to develop a clear set of responses and actions in this regard across the entire Midlands construction supply-chain.

The Summit will be chaired by David Bucknall MBE – Chairman of the Built Environment Hub - who will capture and feedback key issues that arise on the day.  The Keynote Speaker will be Peter Hansford, Government Chief Construction Adviser.  A panel of high level individuals who operate in the various key construction sectors in the supply chain, e.g. contractor, QS, architect, end client and engineer will contribute views and opinions as well as the speakers and the assembled audience.

The aim of the event is to help the Midlands construction sector address strategic opportunities and issues in a lively and structured way, allowing for plenty of input from industry leaders, coalescing around some key themes, thoughts and actions called for by the Construction Strategy.

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