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Scotframe Val-U-Therm® in the Falkland Islands


Key Facts:

The Client Perspective:
The Falkland Islands are located over 300 miles (483 km) from South America and have a maritime climate in the transition region between the temperate and subarctic zones.  To put this in a Northern hemisphere context, a maritime subarctic climatic zone is found in the Scottish Highlands, coastal Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway.

The climate of the Falkland Islands is cool and temperate as it is regulated by the large oceans which surround it.   The temperature of the islands fluctuates within a narrow band, not reaching higher than 24 °C or lower than −5 °C.   The annual average is around 5.6 °C hence the client, Mr. Colin Summers, required a warm, draught proof, comfortable home with remarkably low energy bills - hence his choice of Scotframe Val-U-Therm®.
Winds mostly come from the west and, although snow falls, it does not settle due to the strength of these winds - hence the important requirement for being draught proof and for excellent air tightness also provided by Val-U-Therm®.

With the long hours of daylight in the summer coupled with wonderful local scenery, Mr Summers also specified large window areas which, with his FabricFirst approach, were cleverly traded off with high insulation performance Val-U-Therm® building fabric.

Description of Project:
The detached house is part of a larger ongoing development at Sapper Hill, just west of Stanley.  Sapper Hill was of huge strategic importance during the Falklands War and is also the site of the important historical landmark, Gaucho Stone Corral, which is 120m diameter and 3m high.
As well as the Val-U-Therm® wall panels, Scotframe also supplied Val-U-Therm® insulated apex panels & dormer haffits together with 300mm deep I-joists for the first floor and roof materials.  They also supplied the Marley Eternet Cedral cement fibre horizontal cladding boards and the Pacific Blue plastic coated steel roof sheeting.
Similarly part of the full kit were Nordan NTech windows, Velux roof-lights, Nordan Balcony external doors, oak internal doors, Laings Broad Oak kitchen & utility units, sanitary ware from Carron, Hansgrohe, Duravit & Ionic as well as Origins Dueto bathroom furniture plus stairs, finishings, plasterboard, electrical equipment and Scotframe accessories such as wardrobes, decking materials, etc.  All of these were shipped by container from Scotframe in the UK.

Bob Edwards, Managing Director of Scotframe, notes, “Whilst we have supplied many homes to residents of the Falkland Islands over the years, we are proud to have worked with a client with a clear project vision, and that we could achieve this using Val-U-Therm®”.

The Scotframe Val-U-Therm® building panels were all CAD/CAM (computer-aided design with computer-aided manufacture) made at their world-class advanced factory in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.  The supremely strong and robust frame construction gives excellent acoustic insulation properties as well as world-class thermal insulation performance.
The panels are manufactured to exacting standards so that they can be assembled on-site to the highest quality levels befitting a home of this exceptional standard.

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