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Performance and Value

Val-U-Therm is a high thermal performance, exceptionally air-tight building solution. It allows developers to build using thinner walls and so extract maximum value from a development site.

Val-U-Therm combines class-leading performance in a cost-effective package and will deliver a wide range of long-term performance benefits (and marketing strengths) to any project. 

Maximising the Value of Any Development

Val-U-Therm delivers a very high level of thermal efficiency from a relatively thin panel. It offers a cost-effective way to deliver a load-bearing structural envelope with thermal insulation U-values in the range 0.08 W/m2K  to 0.23 W/m2K. This means that the system can help maximise the amount of living space on a plot and the number of dwellings in a development – and so help improve a developer’s profitability.

For example, when Val-U-Therm is used, an extra two houses can potentially be fitted on to a 50 house development. This is in comparison to traditional construction techniques which require thicker walls to achieve the same level of thermal efficiency.

Built and Delivered With Value in Mind

Every aspect of the Val-U-Therm manufacturing process is designed with efficiency as the key priority. This allows the manufacturer to make significant savings which are passed on to the customer. Key value initiatives include:

The CAD/CAM timber frame manufacturing process includes CNC optimizing saws to minimise timber waste. What’s more, the minimal off-cuts are incinerated to provide heat for factories and offices.


The Val-U-Therm insulation injection process results in less than one percent wastage (compared against typical on-site levels of 12-15%).


Val-U-Therm panels are transported to construction sites using a flat-pack configuration – this minimises the number of journeys that have to be made and so reduces the costs and carbon footprint of any project.
Quick to Erect

Val-U-Therm is typically 30-40% quicker to erect than open panel timber frame systems where the insulation, vapour control layer, service zone battens and windows and external doors are fitted on site.  Hence it takes under half the time of a typical masonry, brick, block or concrete build.  This can help developers to significantly reduce their construction costs.

A High Value Finished Building

Val-U-Therm delivers high thermal performance buildings that have value ‘engineered in’. This added value is best illustrated by the exceptionally low running costs of a typical Val-U-Therm home. 
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