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Val-U-Therm is factory-manufactured using state-of-the-art computer-controlled machinery. This rigorous production process delivers maximum thermal and structural performance and allows the close management of all costs and wastage.

Val-U-Therm is designed and produced in accordance with best practice from the timber frame industry and quality is carefully checked at every stage of the manufacturing process.
Val-U-Therm is accepted by all the usual building insurance providers, including NHBC and Premier Guarantee and conforms to all the appropriate generic British, European and International Standards.
The manufacturing process allows full flexibility and panels can be built to exact customer specifications. Windows, doors and other elements can be installed in the factory if required.

How Val-U-Therm is Made

Val-U-Therm comprises a central layer of highly insulating foam. This is injected into specially made timber frame panels using the most advanced high-pressure technology and fills every cubic millimetre of the central space within each panel.  As can be seen in the demonstration below using a transparent panel top, the foam creates an air-tight and highly-effective insulating layer.

The foam has excellent environmental credentials as it is derived from renewable vegetable oil. This also has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
The central insulating core is sandwiched between a number of specially designed sheathing boards and high-performance breather membranes. The inner side of a Val-U-Therm panel also features a service zone that allows the straightforward installation of wires, pipes and other utilities.

High Quality, Low Waste

The CAD/CAM manufacturing process used for Val-U-Therm is designed to be as high-precision and resource-efficient as possible. For example, it includes CNC optimizing saws to minimize timber waste. Even the minimal off-cuts that the process produces are incinerated to provide heat for factories and offices. What’s more, the Val-U-Therm insulation injection process results in a class-leading wastage level of only one percent.

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