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International Opportunities

Val-U-Therm significantly outperforms existing systems, delivering exceptional thermal performance and class-leading environmental and sustainability credentials.  It is a closed-panel building system initially developed jointly by two of the UK's largest Timber Frame building manufacturers. 

Val-U-Therm is now owned by multinational construction group, Saint-Gobain.  With all of this combined knowledge and R&D expertise, the best aspects of timber frame and structural insulated panel (SIPS) technology are combined with leading edge ecologically responsible insulation materials science.

Val-U-Therm panels are constructed of a precisely engineered sandwich of sheathing boards, performance membranes and factory-injected very high performance insulation (which is derived from renewable vegetable oil).  It is produced in three main configurations: wall, floor and roof panels.

The Val-U-Therm building system is BBA accredited and offers a cost-effective way to deliver a load-bearing structural envelope with thermal insulation U-values in the range 0.08 W/m2K to 0.23 W/m2K.

Val-U-Therm panels can also be used as high-performance in-fill panels in other building systems and can be incorporated in a wide range of refurbishment projects - including those involving buildings with listed facades.


The Val-U-Therm building system offers exceptional:


These make it the system of choice for discerning, environmentally conscious clients.


Val-U-Therm is manufactured in modern factories using state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment.  During this process, insulation is injected directly into the panels; this delivers maximum performance by completely filling every void of every panel, allowing the close management of quality, costs and wastage. 

The Val-U-Therm system is successfully manufactured through a network of UK based associate manufacturers. 

We are now replicating this associate manufacturing network internationally in order to allow us to fulfill an ever increasing demand for our product globally.

Partners Sought

Val-U-Therm is appointing new associate manufacturers internationally.

Exclusive partnership agreements are available in many countries. 

Successful partners typically come from a traditional timber frame, SIPS or wooden building background. Our system integrates seamlessly to enhance your existing factory facilities.
The Val-U-Therm system provides a unique product and market opportunity for an existing business to differentiate its business proposition.

If you believe that your business could benefit from this unique competitive advantage, please contact us to discuss this further.

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