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Housing Associations

Val-U-Therm is an ideal fabric first construction solution for Registered Providers (RPs) and Housing Associations (HAs) as it provides a range of key economic, management and performance benefits for both RP and HA management teams and their tenants.

Management Benefits

Maximising Value
Because it provides such exceptional thermal performance, Val-U-Therm allows the construction of thinner walls, floors and roofs. It can therefore help optimise the amount of living space in a unit and the number of dwellings in a development. Val-U-Therm therefore offers HA’s a cost-effective way to provide more tenants with quality, healthy homes.

Capital Savings
Val-U-Therm delivers environmentally-friendly homes that take only a few kW's to heat – removing the need for expensive, high-maintenance heating systems. This ‘fabric-first’ approach can provide significant capital savings and help HA's achieve A-rated energy performance cost-effectively.

Combating Fuel Poverty
Val-U-Therm reduces annual fuel bills and can therefore help combat fuel poverty. This also gives HAs the option to maximise rental returns, without raising the overall cost of living of their tenants.

Future Proofing
Val-U-Therm provides a ground-breaking way for HAs to build durable new homes that will meet/exceed anticipated environmental building regulations. This is key, given that HA’s own their buildings for long periods of time - it therefore makes good business sense to pre-empt any regulatory developments and so avoid costly future upgrades.

Low Maintenance Costs
Val-U-Therm is a high performance, fit-and-forget environmental solution that does not have the maintenance headaches and costs associated with renewable systems.

Tenant Benefits

Quality of Life
Val-U-Therm is a high-performance product that can provide tenants with more floor space, a warm, comfortable and healthy home and a higher overall quality of life.

Low heating bills
The most significant benefit that Val-U-Therm can bring to tenants is a low annual energy bill. Because of its class-leading thermal performance and air-tightness, Val-U-Therm can help deliver buildings that are exceptionally cheap to heat.

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