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In the 21st century, construction has become an increasingly technical subject and with such an advanced hybrid construction building method as Val-U-Therm it is important to consider this aspect.  The key information is therefore collected together in this section with a series of downloads for ease of reference.


General Information on the Val-U-Therm Building System download Benefits of the Val-U-Therm Building System download Val-U-Therm Sales Offices download


Val-U-Therm Building System U-values download Val-U-Therm Building System BBA Certificate 12/4892 downloadVal-U-Therm Plus Building System BBA Certificate 17/5421 download Val-U-Therm Roof Panels download Val-U-Therm Floors download Bio-based Insulation Evaluation Report downloadFrequently Asked Questions


Val-U-Therm comprises a central layer of highly insulating foam. This is injected into specially made timber frame panels using the most advanced high-pressure technology and fills every space in the panel void.

Val-U-Therm is factory-manufactured using state-of-the-art computer-controlled machinery.  The CAD/CAM manufacturing process used for Val-U-Therm is designed to be as high-precision and resource-efficient as possible.


Val-U-Therm can reduce build times by one third or more when compared to other construction techniques.  In the video below, a three bedroom bungalow is wind and weathertight in less than two hours.



This video shows the construction of Kingdom House, the first PassivHaus for rent in the UK and Winner of the Green Apple Award for Scotland, 2011.  It was wind and weathertight within one day.


Benefits of Val-U-Therm
A presentation that describes Val-U-Therm - the next generation of building technology that combines the best of both SIPS (structural insulated panels) and timber frame.

Comparing Costs of Fabric First and Renewables
This compares the capital cost of fabric options and renewables, illustrating the key factors involved using various Val-U-Therm building fabric options.

PassivHaus with Val-U-Therm
A presentation that outlines the requirements of PassivHaus and the capabilities of Val-U-Therm to meet these requirements.  Seven case studies are then described.

Presentation at a Scottish Enterprise event on 26.06.13
This describes the background, the formation and the first two years operation of Val-U-Therm Limited.

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