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End User Benefits

Val-U-Therm delivers warm, draught-proof, healthy homes with a high comfort factor. It is a ‘fit and forget’ high-quality system that delivers significant reductions in heating costs and maintenance and also allows real flexibility when it comes to a home’s layout.

Without doubt, the most significant end-user benefits Val-U-Therm brings are massively reduced heating bills (in comparison with comparable homes built using other systems).
Significant Heating Cost Savings Possible
A standard new-build family house (built to building regulations and with a typical heating system) costs around £1,500 per year to heat. In comparison, given good technical guidance along with good site practice, Val-U-Therm typically delivers significant annual savings. 

Independent research studies have demonstrated that Val-U-Therm can allow a typical family to have a home that costs less than £100 per year to heat.
Different levels of saving can be achieved by varying the thermal performance of the building envelope by specifying different Val-U-Therm panel configurations and thicknesses. This means that Val-U-Therm allows the end user to select the optimal balance between heating bills and initial construction costs.
With Val-U-Therm technology, end users can achieve significant long-term savings and a payback on their initial investment. Current levels of fuel price inflation can only make these savings more substantial.
Low Maintenance, Low Carbon Solutions
Because Val-U-Therm provides such a high level of insulation it reduces the need to install costly renewable energy systems. What’s more, an investment in Val-U-Therm wall, floor and roof panels will last for the life of the building - unlike renewables that need to be controlled, require frequent maintenance and, often, wholesale replacement during the lifetime of a property. In contrast, the Val-U-Therm system is a Fit and Forget, Fabric First solution.
Key Lifestyle Benefits
Val-U-Therm provides a very strong structural envelope. This means that the number of internal walls can be minimised, or they can be eliminated all together. Home owners can therefore specify and enjoy open-plan room layout with few or no radiators. Because Val-U-Therm roof systems can deliver roof spaces uninterrupted by trusses, homeowners can also benefit from the extra living space provided by ‘room-in-the-roof’ designs.
Over the life time of a building, Val-U-Therm’s strength also allows straightforward re-modelling to take place as the life-style of the occupants changes. For example, if a young family has another child then an extra room can easily be created. At a later stage of life, walls can easily be removed for that long-dreamed of snooker or recreation room. 
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