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Ease of Construction

Because Val-U-Therm embodies the advantages of timber frame technology it can reduce construction times dramatically – by one third or more when compared to more traditional construction techniques.

What’s more, because it is factory-manufactured to the highest standard it also helps improve build quality and reduces problems caused by on-site issues such as inclement weather.

Val-U-Therm is suitable for all types of domestic and commercial architecture and can be used with any external treatment or internal finish. It is also ideal for the latest simplified foundation and mini-piling techniques, especially when poor ground conditions are encountered.

Faster Construction

About 40% of a total build can be supplied by the Val-U-Therm system. Val-U-Therm panels are delivered in large pre-fabricated sections which are designed for ease of construction. They can also incorporate factory-fitted windows and externals doors. They can therefore be erected extremely quickly thereby speeding up the overall build process. Val-U-Therm can reduce build times by one third or more when compared to other construction techniques.

In the video below, a three bedroom bungalow is wind and weathertight in less than two hours.

What’s more, as Val-U-Therm is a dry form of construction, there is no drying out period. Early occupancy is therefore more assured, as there are generally far fewer snagging issues in comparison to wet construction methods, in which 1,500 gallons of water must typically be removed from a new home.

Simplified Building and Enhanced Quality

Val-U-Therm panels are so incredibly strong that, where required, windows and external doors (even patio doors) can be factory fitted before the panels are transported to site. Insulation, external joinery, plumbing and electrics, external cladding and internal finishes can also all be installed off-site. What’s more, Val-U-Therm requires no 'tacked-on' awkward extra layers of insulation - all insulation is integrated within the building panel at the factory. Altogether, this means that there is less on-site material handling, storage and waste. Theft and security issues are therefore reduced.

This video shows the construction of Kingdom House, the first PassivHaus for rent in the UK and Winner of the Green Apple Award for Scotland, 2011.  It is a 5 person, two-storey detached family home of 104 m2 using Val-U-Therm at Pittenweem, Fife, Scotland for Kingdom Housing Association by Scotframe Timber Engineering and Campion Homes.  It was wind and weathertight within one day.

Because they are designed to be easy to erect, Val-U-Therm panels only require a small installation team. What’s more, the panels’ exceptional performance makes it much easier to achieve high levels of air tightness and thermal efficiency.
Indeed, prefabricated timber frame technology of the type used in Val-U-Therm was acknowledged by the Egan Report “Rethinking Construction” as one effective way of minimising on-site labour, time and costs, reducing waste and defects and optimizing quality. Val-U-Therm delivers all these benefits and more. 

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