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Building Regulations

Val-U-Therm provides a straightforward and proven way to achieve compliance with all relevant building regulations and, if required, exceed the anticipated future standards (in line with published government strategies). It therefore lets developers ‘future proof’ their projects against the demands of ever-tightening building regulations.

Val-U-Therm also provides a cost-effective mechanism to achieve certification under key environmental codes and criteria – and to gain the marketing benefits that such schemes provide.
Val-U-Therm and its associate manufacturers provide all necessary information to ensure full compliance for a wide range of assessments, including those for the SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure), Energy Performance Certificates and PassivHaus accreditation.
Regulatory benefits include:
BBA Accreditation
The wall, floor and roof panels of the Val-U-Therm building system are independently, third-party certified by the British Board of Agrément.

The Val-U-Therm® Building System has been awarded a British Board of Agrément Certificate number 12/4892.

The Val-U-Therm PLUS® Building System has been awarded a British Board of Agrément Certificate number 17/5421.

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Val-U-Therm’s flexibility means that developers and architects can employ any architectural style and exterior finish. This facilitates compliance with local planning requirements.

Cost Effective Compliance
The key regulatory area where Val-U-Therm can deliver cost-effective compliance is under Building Regulations Part L in England and Wales, Section 6 in Scotland and Part F in Northern Ireland. These all cover thermal performance.

Accepted by NHBC and Premier Guarantee
Based on conventional timber frame technology, Val-U-Therm is accepted by all the main building insurance providers, including the NHBC, Premier Guarantee and

It also conforms to all the appropriate generic British and European standards.

Planning benefits
Many local authorities have a positive approach to low-carbon developments, so Val-U-Therm’s exceptional thermal and environmental performance can help with planning applications. Its unrestricted acceptance of any elevational treatment (such as brick, stone, render, cladding, tile & timber) and compatability with local micro-renewable requirements can also assist with local planning aspects.
Certification Benefits include:
Energy Performance Certificates
Val-U-Therm provides a cost-effective solution that can help achieve an ‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificate.


Val-U-Therm provides exceptional insulation and air-tightness performance and can therefore be an integral part of any PassivHaus accreditation. Passivhaus or 'Passive House' is the fastest growing energy performance standard in the world. 
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