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Builders and Developers

Val-U-Therm is a cost-effective choice for house builders and developers as it provides a straightforward way of achieving a low-carbon, highly energy-efficient solution. This fabric first solution minimises the need for renewables and allows the potential of any site to be maximised. It also provides a compelling sales and marketing message and provable environmental credibility. 

Because it provides such exceptional thermal performance, Val-U-Therm allows the construction of thinner walls, floors and roofs. Val-U-Therm can therefore help maximise the amount of living space on a plot and the number of dwellings in a development – and so help improve a developer’s profitability. For example, when Val-U-Therm is used, an extra two houses can potentially be fitted on to a 50 house development. This is in comparison to traditional construction techniques which require thicker walls to achieve the same level of thermal efficiency. 

Val-U-Therm delivers environmentally-friendly homes that take only a few kW's to heat – removing the need for expensive, high-maintenance heating systems. This ‘fabric-first’ approach can provide significant capital savings and helps developers to achieve A-rated energy performance cost-effectively. 

Environmental Excellence
Because of its exceptional thermal performance, air-tightness and sustainability, Val-U-Therm makes it easy and cost effective for developers to hit energy efficiency, air permeability and other environmental targets – and so meet or exceed current and future building regulations. Val-U-Therm offers a cost-effective way to deliver a load-bearing structural envelope with thermal insulation U-values in the range 0.08 W/m2K  to 0.23 W/m2K. This means that it offers a straightforward ‘fit and forget’ solution that can help developers achieve whatever environmental specifications are required – for example, ‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificates, PassivHaus or the highest levels of energy saving and carbon neutrality.

Val-U-Therm can be adapted to any architectural style. This allows developers full flexibility in how they design and build and means that they can use their standard house types or specialise in one-off bespoke designs as required. Val-U-Therm panels can also be used as high-performance in-fill panels in any other building system and can be incorporated in a wide range of refurbishment projects, including buildings with listed facades.

Build Speed, Ease and Quality
Because Val-U-Therm embodies the advantages of timber frame technology it offers a well-understood build approach that can reduce construction times dramatically – by one third or more when compared to other construction techniques. Because it is factory-manufactured to the highest standard it also helps improve quality and reduces problems caused by on-site issues such as inclement weather.  

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