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Architectural Features

The Val-U-Therm factory injected insulation approach allows buildings to be designed with fascinating features such as curved walls, sweeping roofs curving in one or two planes, etc.  This is additional to the more usual rectilinear design highlights such as dormer windows, rooflights, balconies, steps, staggers, hips, valleys, etc.

It is also structurally possible to design Val-U-Therm roof & floor panels with clear spans up to 12m (40feet) by integrating timber I-joists into the panel make-up.  The injected Val-U-Therm insulation fully encapsulates the I-joist providing excellent insulation performance.  The approach is ideal for vaulted ceilings, integrated rooflights, schools and similar applications for large rooms without interference of supporting pillars whilst minimising the use of steel.
Some examples are shown below.

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