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Because it is based on the best aspects of timber-frame technology, the world's most commonly-used construction method, Val-U-Therm allows a great deal of flexibility and innovation in the design and build process. It is therefore becoming increasingly popular with architects who are looking for a cost effective way to achieve their design goals and achieve a high level of environmental excellence and class-leading sustainability credentials.

With its manufacturers, Val-U-Therm offers architects' practices a free CPD on Ultra-Low Energy Offsite Construction Solutions - click here.

Key benefits for Architects include:

Design Flexibility
Val-U-Therm is suitable for all types of design and architecture, even curved walls, and it can be used with all interior finishes or exterior treatments. Val-U-Therm panels can also be used as high-performance in-fill panels in any other building system and can be incorporated in a wide range of refurbishment projects, including buildings with listed facades.

Val-U-Therm allows architects full flexibility in how they design. This means that they can incorporate more exciting design elements into their work - for example, large-span roofs, dramatic open-plan layouts, extensive glazed features and un-interrupted roof-space living areas.

Environmental Excellence
Because of its exceptional thermal performance and sustainability, Val-U-Therm provides a straightforward and cost effective way for architects to hit energy efficiency, air permeability and other environmental targets – and so meet or exceed current and future building regulations. It offers a fit-and-forget solution, whatever level of environmental specifications are required – for example, ‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificates, PassivHaus or the highest levels of energy saving and carbon neutrality.

Val-U-Therm is an inherently sustainable product due to the careful sourcing of raw materials with a minimal environmental impact, such as certified timber and insulation made from renewable vegetable oil. It is virtually ‘carbon neutral’ and has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). Overall, Val-U-Therm allows architects to deliver a greener solution.

Professional Development
Val-U-Therm works closely with architects to pioneer the development of our environmentally-friendly technology in a wide range of different applications.

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