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Val-U-Therm’s exceptional thermal performance, ease of construction and class leading environmental and sustainability credentials make it the system of choice for many housing developers, self-builders, Housing Associations and architects.

Val-U-Therm can provide a complete structural building envelope up to seven storeys high. Val-U-Therm panels can also be used as high-performance in-fill panels in any other building system and can be incorporated in a wide range of refurbishment projects - especially in buildings with listed facades.
Among its potential applications are: new-build housing, student accommodation, residential care homes, health care and extra-care facilities, hotels, educational facilities, office buildings and retail outlets.

To find out why Val-U-Therm is such a flexible solution for a wide range of applications and customers, see the sections below:

Housing Associations

Val-U-Therm is an ideal construction solution for Registered Providers (RPs) and Housing Associations (HAs) as it provides a range of key economic and performance benefits for both RP and HA management teams and their tenants. 
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Builders and Developers

Val-U-Therm provides builders and developers with a cost-effective low-carbon building solution that minimises the need for renewables and allows the potential of any site to be maximised.
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Val-U-Therm allows a great deal of flexibility and innovation in the design and build process. It is therefore popular with architects who are looking for a cost effective way to achieve their design goals and achieve a high level of environmental excellence and class-leading sustainability credentials. 
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Self Builders

In these times of rising fuel prices, Val-U-Therm provides an exceptional solution for self-build projects as it offers a straight-forward and cost-effective way to meet individual design goals and build high-quality, comfortable homes that are exceptionally cheap to heat. 

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