• Why Val-U-Therm?

    Val-U-Therm brings a range of significant environmental, performance and business benefits.

    Why Val-U-Therm?
  • What is Val-U-Therm?

    Val-U-Therm is a closed-panel building system that builds on the best aspects of timber frame and structural insulated panel (SIPS) technology. It delivers exceptional thermal performance and class-leading environmental and sustainability credentials.

    What is Val-U-Therm?
  • Testimonials

    A selection of comments and testimonials from clients who have built or live in homes built using Val-U-Therm®.

  • Performance and Value

    Val-U-Therm is a high thermal performance, exceptionally air-tight building solution.

    Performance and Value
  • Environment and Sustainability

    The largest environmental benefit provided by Val-U-Therm comes from the savings in energy that it can deliver.

    Environment and Sustainability
  • Ease of Construction

    Val-U-Therm can reduce construction times dramatically.

    Ease of Construction
  • Case Studies

    Some selected examples of the use of the Val-U-Therm Building System by our three associated manufacturers Scotframe, Flight Timber & Walker Timber.

    Case Studies
  • Applications

    Exceptional thermal performance, ease of construction and class leading environmental and sustainability credentials.