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A selection of comments and testimonials from clients who have built or live in homes built using Val-U-Therm®.

Flight Timber client Paul Kirby: "We wanted to Self Build for years. We met Flight Timber at Build It Live! at Blue Water in 2014. We were extremely impressed with how they produce their Val-U-Therm® timber frames, their energy efficiency, and how they could help us achieve some really interesting spaces and areas in our bespoke home."

Scotframe client, Jim Fisher, said:"Apart from the benefits of their amazing insulation value - we hardly need heating now - the Val-U-Ther panels are impressive for their solidity and structure. Each one weighed nearly a ton and when the crane put them in place they locked together like a giant Lego set.  The panels have the capacity to cut heating and energy bills dramatically. They are thick and solid and, though they cost a bit extra, there is no doubt that they are a great investment."

Walker Timber Val-U-Therm® at Sandiacre: Philip Haines - Resident noted, ”I just can’t praise it enough, so much different to our old house, never go back to the original old sort of houses, these are absolutely superb.”

Flight Timber client, Mr Matthew Cain,"The combination of Flight Homes service with their excellent Val-U-Therm® product has provided a home of our dreams”.

Scotframe client, Margaret Garden, "The Val-U-Therm® panels also feature a service void for wiring and pipes, so it is very easy for the builders. But when they were in place, it was remarkable. Every new build house has to have an airtightness test and the man who did ours could not believe the levels we had achieved."

Maryville Passive House by Joseph Thurrott Architects, "With an average U-value of 0.10W/m²K, the factory insulated Scotframe Val-U-Therm® timber frame superstructure ... is meticulously detailed to mitigate thermal bridging (0.01W/mK) and achieves an average air tightness performance rating of 0.486 air changes per hour at 50 Pa"

Flight Timber client, Mr David Evans of Milton Keynes: “The house is performing splendidly and Maggie & I are both thrilled the way it has turned out. We actually managed to get an EPC rating of ‘A’ which was what we were trying to achieve from day one.  ... it is largely down to the timber frame construction (Val-U-Therm®)”

Walker Timber Val-U-Therm® at Sandiacre: Miss Raines, one of Hart Lea’s first residents, is delighted with her new home. She said: “I couldn’t have asked for a better house.  I am so happy.”

Scotframe clien
t, Mrs O'Grady,
"The other crucial decision was to specify Scotframe's unique Val-U-Therm® closed panel timber frame building system with it's industry-leading insulation, energy efficiency and airtightness performance properties.  Our architect had worked with Scotframe before and told us about the factory injected insulated panels.  They do everything that was promised.  This is without a doubt the warmest house I have ever lived in."

Mr Tony Allen, client of Scotframe: “It was decided the best form of heating would be a quality, high performance Val-U-Therm® closed panel timber frame system (insulation is the most important component of a heating system: the insulation is a fixed price at the point of construction, but fuel costs rise every year) …”   

About Walker Timber Val-U-Therm® at Sandiacre, client Simon Gregory, MD of Lindum Construction said: “We always strive to deliver the best possible quality homes for the families who live in them and best value for money for our clients. This £1.02M project for emh group has been completed within a tight timescale and within budget, achieving a range of building standards including our first accredited PassivHaus homes.”

Scotframe clients Neil Robinson and Fiona Burnett, "Using Scotframe for our bespoke design - and the experienced builders they introduced us to, Oakhill Homes of Cumbernauld - has really paid dividends. We are delighted with the way our new home performs.  Because of the Val-U-Therm® panels' industry-leading insulation and airtight seal, we use no heating oil; there is no gas because we live in the country and the only other energy source we use is tree fall for our cosy wood burning stove ... built with Scotframe's revolutionary Val-U-Therm® building panels, we now have electricity costs of less than £10 a month."

Walker Timber Val-U-Therm® at Sandiacre: Janette Donson - Resident noted,
“Energy-wise we have cut the bills to under half …can’t hear the road that’s close by.”

Glulam Solutions Director Syd Birnie,"It was always going to be a very challenging, but notable, project. We worked with the architect/contractor to offer the most cost-effective thermal solution.  "This allowed us to use the Val-U-Therm® system alongside the supporting Glulam frames, which helped substantially in achieving the extremely high levels of thermal and airtightness performance necessary for the PassivHaus accreditation."

Ian & Angela Johnston of Avada Homes,The frame chosen by Avada is called Val-U-Therm® from The Walker Timber Group. It is an advanced system incorporating outstanding levels of strength and thermal/acoustic insulation. It costs more than the price of ordinary Timber Frames, but we think it is the right choice.”

Bill Banks, Chief Executive, Kingdom HA about Kingdom House in Pittenweem (the UK’s FIRST affordable rented house to achieve Passivhaus accreditation): "As an eco-friendly 'sustainability house' ... the thermally-efficient house structure consists of a highly insulated modern timber closed panel 'Val-U-Therm®' system, manufactured by Scotframe.  The panels were fabricated in the factory, with pre-installed high efficiency windows and doors.  The closed panel Val-U-Therm® system by Scotframe was erected on-site in just one working day and that is the kind of thing we want to roll out, and are rolling out, across our developments."

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