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Case Studies

Some selected examples of the use of the Val-U-Therm® Building System by our three associated manufacturers Scotframe, Flight Timber & Walker Timber.

Select a case study to view in detail:

  Millbank House - Scotframe                                    Brooklyn, Billericay - Flight Timber  

  Field of Dreams - Scotframe
                                   Woldingham, Surrey - Flight Timber

  Meldrum House - Scotframe                                 Maryville PassivHaus - Scotframe

  PassivHaus, Sandiacre - Walker Timber               Westerton Wood - Scotframe

   Rocking Horse Nursery - Scotframe                          'A' Rated EPC - Flight Timber  

    Great Baddow - Flight Timber                 Cutting Energy Bills - Scotframe

   Cottage Conversion - Scotframe                      The Langham, Norfolk - Walker Timber

    Innovation Showcase - Scotframe              Tummel Glenn - Scotframe

    Daviot, Aberdeenshire - Scotframe             
Falkland Islands - Scotframe
    Laurencekirk - Scotframe                                            Loch Etive - Scotframe

    Salen Pier Lodge - Scotframe                                              Kingdom House - Scotframe

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